Drilling water wells

Aquifer well – well that provides drinking water. You are interested in a place with the relevant geological and hydrogeological conditions, we offer the best first geological aquifer, which contains the necessary quantity of drinking water (production rate) and meets all the requirements for water quality.
The filter is located inside the wells, aquifer rocks (in Latvia it is usually sand, grant, dolomite, sandstone, south-western Kurzeme limestone).
After, as well is drilled, water is pumped from the well to determine the static and dynamic water level in the well, as well as the recommended rate of water consumption.

Pumping wells

If you need to know your maximum well (power output), using powerful compressors and pumps, we will make pumping wells, and estimate how many gallons of water per second can give well. Often the output power and the well should be assessed in order to obtain a passport in the well (if you plan on getting 100 m3 per day or more). Also, it is necessary if the well has not been used, a column of hardened filter and the borehole wall covered with bloom, in this case, we are cleaning and rinsing well. It is worth noting that in 20 years of boreholes were mostly used iron pipes and experience has shown that over time they are covered by sediments and susceptible to corrosion, or rupture, in which case the water quality is unacceptable. In this case, you need to seriously analyze whether or not to restore the old well, or are a new drill.

Remedial work on well

If, during operation of the well there are problems, for example:

  • do not meet water quality (for example, in the water a large concentration of chloride and sulfate, which was not there
  • dramatically changed the pressure in well
  • rapidly decreased static or dynamic water level
  • often necessary to change the pump
  • LTD "AKVA-M" a thorough investigation of every problem and take appropriate solution to resolve the issue. We repair old wells (30 - and 40 -year-old, if still able to work well)

    Well abandonment (plugging)

    We carry out the elimination of old, served their time and unnecessary wells. Backfilling performed in accordance with Valsts Vides Dienesta requirements. If you need to eliminate, first dismantle the pump (if it is in well), by pumping off the well to determine the hydrogeological parameters of wells, after pumping - water samples submitted for analysis. After cleaning the wells (pumping) in the specified range are filled by so-called cement bridges, and other intervals are filled with a special mixture of sand with a grant.

    Installation of pumps and deep hydrophones

    When the well is drilled, the next step - is the delivery of water to the house, sprinkler system or other necessary places. We will make sure that the water from the well has reached your sinks, bathtubs, shower. LTD "GM Ūdensapgāde" arrangement offers well curbs or modern methods - adaptive connection. We offer advice for choosing an appropriate method of arrangement, will advise the appropriate pump, we offer all the material for the completion of wells at wholesale prices. To equip the well with pump, you need to know:

  • static level
  • dynamic level
  • production rate (productivity l/s; m3)
  • diameter of wells tube
  • If you are not familiar with these data, we will conduct surveys and define them.

    Drilling for heat pump

    You can always find a rational solution to how to use the environment to produce heat, and one of the solutions - install a heat pump that uses water from the wells as a source of energy. This is an effective solution for heating, if the land area is limited to use on the collector surface. Water from the wells as a source of energy uses the heat energy of the hole. Drilled two wells at a distance of 15 - 20 m from each other. From one borehole water is delivered to an external heat pump changer who is at home, where the water cools down and comes into use, or goes into the earth through the second hole. For adequate performance, you need to install the well pump which will give 1 - 4 m3 / h, taking into account that the water temperature is +5 ° C. It should be noted that the use of wells does not affect water quality, as is used for heating a closed system of tubes and used materials do not corrode. Also, do not change the level of water in the aquifer, as this system can be regarded as one where the water is delivered from one well into the earth through the other hole, without changing the level. Properly made and furnished as well not have the environmental damage. Heat pump for use in wells LTD "AKVA-M" offers to acquire the partners of the firm.

    Bureaucracy in drilling wells

    If you have chosen our company to drill wells, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Approval of Valsts institūcijas Veselības inspekcija Siting
  • plan of land
  • In accordance with government regulations, before the drill hole must be obtained from Valsts Vides dienesta license for work. A license is engaged in drilling company, as it can get the client (in this case only to the said list should be added to the contract drilling company that will perform the drilling). Once the hole is ready, the client receives a passport in the geological well, where all technical data of well will be displayed, passport approved and confirmed by Latvijas Vides, ģeoloģijas un meteoroloģijas centrs. The application to the passport you will receive:
  • The composition of water (the composition of drinking water must meet all requirements)
  • Bacterial analysis of water
  • Geological passport of well in the context
  • Border security, which will indicate how tough border security needs of your well
  • Arrangement of the well
  • License the use of bowels of the earth
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